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A stay at La Plage Fleurie Campsite in Vallon Pont d’ Arc is an opportunity to explore the wonderful sites of the Ardeche and Vivarais gorges.

They are as numerous as they are varied. You can view these emblematic regional sites on the Ardeche Tourist Development Agency’s website, accessible here.

Among the major attractions around the campsite, the Caverne du Pont d’ Arc, inaugurated in 2015, quickly found its public as this tourist site, a replica of the Chauvet cave, has now become one of the most visited sites in the Ardeche!

Another exceptional cave, the grotte de la Madeleine, with its magnificent proportions and astonishing forms. It is situated on the famous Ardeche Gorges tourist route, in the Saint Remèze municipality, only a few kilometres from Vallon Pont d’ Arc and the Plage Fleurie.

One of the ‘Grand Sites de France’, the Aven d’ Orgnac and its gigantic underground rooms is also among the most iconic sites in the south of Vivarais. Just next to the ‘Grand Site’, the Aven d’ Orgnac, is the City of Prehistory which gives us a glimpse into the day to day lives of our ancestors from the Middle Palaeolithic to the Iron Age…

Situated in Pierrelatte, south of Montélimar and east of Vallon Pont d’ Arc, The Crocodile Farm invites you to explore the fascinating world of reptiles! More than 400 animals live in giant greenhouses and outdoors in the landscaped gardens.

For more information on tourist attraction in the La Plage Fleurie area, visit the reception desk or the Vallon Pont d’ Arc tourist office.

Take advantage of the partnership between our establishment and Facesud to indulge in climbing or canyoning and explore the Via Ferrata in Ardeche. 

For holidays in other regions of France, as exceptional as at La Plage Fleurie, go to the Cap Taillat campsite to explore the Côte d’ Azur, or Le Port de Plaisance campsite to explore Brittany or the Erreka campsite to explore the Basque Country!

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